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Join the Next NCBP 21st Century Lawyer on May 14: Legal Tech and the Ethics of Modern Law

It’s been forty years since the Kutak Commission was formed, but lawyers around the country are still governed by the largely-unchanged Rules of Professional Conduct. During the Monday, May 14 NCBP 21st Century Lawyer (2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. eastern time), speakers Jordan Couch and Greg McLawsen will help bar leaders understand common ethical issues that come up in a modern law practice and how best to prevent them from causing problems. Register now!

Neuner receives ABA Solo and Small Firm Lifetime Achievement Award...The American Bar Association Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division honored past NCBP Council Member Frank X. Neuner, Jr. with its 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of outstanding solo and small firm practitioners as well as bar leaders and associations. The award was presented at the Solo and Small Firm Awards Luncheon on Friday, April 27, during their 2018 Joint Spring Meeting in New Orleans.

Whither the jury trial? Take this survey...The American jury trial is almost extinct. A fundamental right under the U.S. Constitution, the jury trial has become exceedingly rare. Less than 5 percent of federal criminal cases and less than 2 percent of federal civil cases are resolved by juries. Why? We have some ideas, but no empirical evidence. That’s why the ABA Commission on the American Jury is conducting a comprehensive study on why jury trials are disappearing. As part of the project, the Commission is gathering input from judges, lawyers and court staff via an online survey at  Please share your experiences. The survey will be open through June 1. Results will be published in late 2018. Help the ABA determine what is happening to this basic staple of the American justice system. 

 Louisiana legislature considers cut to non-profit legal aid groups in order to increase public defender pay...Louisiana has notoriously overworked and underfunded public defenders. Lawmakers are now considering a bill to pad their budgets with cash. The only problem? Public defenders hate the proposal.


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