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FORUM FLASH - Issue No.53: June 20, 2019
What's Happening in the Forum - in 500 Words or Less!
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Book of the Month!

Fundamentals of Construction Law

Each month, we feature one book to add to the construction section of your office bookshelves. This month, we encourage you to check out “Fundamentals of Construction Law” which is the source on the subjects that are at the heart of every construction law dispute.

Switch it out with one of the books from the early 1800’s that has been collecting dust on your bookshelf!

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Who's Runs This Show?

What in the name of the St. Louis Blues is the Forum all about anyway? The Forum’s Governing Committee and the Forum’s Chair, Tom Rosenberg, (TRosenberg@ralaw.com) will reply to any and all questions that you have (keep them reasonable, folks)!

A Real Website, No Fake News

Please check out our website at www.ambar.org/constructionlaw, where you will find the Forum and all manner of new bells and whistles!  It’s all true, and fake news is not allowed! Once you’ve toured the site, please email any comments and ideas to the Forum's website and technology gatekeeper, Ted Laperouse ted.laperouse@laperouselaw.com, or the Forum's Technology Committee Chair and wizard, Jeffrey Cruz

Searchable Knowledge Database

It’s true. You actually can click right below to find every single thing related to construction law that exists in all of time from the beginning of the world through right now.

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Forum Calendar

Still trying to get organized even though it’s now June? Please click below for the Forum’s calendar for an assist!

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